Generac MT1 MH

Generac MT1 MH

MT1 MH  (MT1 MH)

The smallest mobile lighting tower equipped with built-in generator, the MT1 has been developed with the specific intent to be easily handled by a single operator, making it an ideal solution for illuminating small to medium sized working areas.


  • Maximum height 5.3m
  • Telescopic manual mast
  • 2 outrigger stabilizers adjustable in height
  • Mounted on steerable trolley base
  • 4 x 400W Metal Halide floodlights
  • Wind resistance 80km/h (50mph)


Noise Level: 68 dB(A)
Powered By: Diesel
Operating Hours: 34 hours
Illuminated area: 850 m2
Lamp Type: 4x400W Metal Halide
Mast Height: 5.3 m
Voltage: 230v
Weight: 335 kg

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